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Yoga Class Essentials for Beginners

September 01, 2015

What is the most important first step when starting yoga classes? Let go of any amount of fear, intimidation or pre-conceived notions you may have of yoga classes.

If you have never attended a yoga class, your may have a vision of incense burning and a yogi chanting “Ohhhmmmmm”. Every yoga studio is a bit different but yoga classes in at X3 Sports in Atlanta & Marietta are in a beginner friendly, non-intimidating environment. They can be taken as your main workout or a way to supercharge your regular workout routine.

With anything new there might be some hesitation, but you have to start somewhere! This guide will help you get started with what to expect before, during and after your first class.

Before You Arrive to Yoga Class

Eliminate Excuses

  • “I’m out of shape.” – No problem. Because of its low impact nature, Yoga classes are probably one of the best workouts to kick off your exercise routine.
  • “I’m not flexible.” – Perfect. That’s one of the best benefits of yoga classes. Everyone has a different starting point and instructors will provide you a routine that fits with your current state.
  • “I’ll feel awkward.” – This is normal for anyone starting something new. Don’t worry. Everyone had a first time and yoga classes are a judgement free zone. Plus, the nature of yoga is to focus on your own poses & breathing so you hardly notice anyone else in the room anyway.

Remember, everyone starts somewhere and you’ll never actually get in shape if you don’t take a first step.

What to Bring
Most yoga classes, like the ones at X3, will provide beginners the essentials like a yoga mat, yoga blocks, etc. All you need to bring is a positive mindset, water and a small towel, if you’d like.

What to Wear
Are yoga pants a necessity? No (especially if you are a guy J ). But you want to be comfortable and wear something that allows a full range of motion.

What to Expect in Yoga Class

While every yoga studio may be different, this is what you can expect from a one hour yoga class at an Atlanta or Marietta X3 Sports:

Instructor Personal Consultation
Before yoga class begins, your instructor will take time to understand your workout history, any known injuries and experience level. They will use this information to design yoga class around the students in attendance.

Yoga Classes at X3 SportsStarts off Slow & Works Up
In the beginning, you will be taken through simple poses and learn how to connect your body & mind through subtle breathing techniques. As yoga class progresses, the poses will become more challenging, improving your flexibility while tightening your muscles.

Work at Your Own Pace
You will be guided by your yoga instructor to work based on your comfort level. Before each new pose, they will provide alternative poses for those who need to keep it simple and those who are ready to challenge themselves. This allows you to start with what you are capable of and work your way up as you progress over time.

Breathing & Connecting
There are smooth transitions between poses that will create a flow and ease of being. This will allow you to get in the zone and “find your happy place.”

Water & Breaks
Yoga classes are designed to have a continuous flow, so you can always grab a drink or take a break if needed. When you are ready, just insert yourself back into the flow.

Results After Yoga Class

  • You Will Feel GREAT – Relaxed, rejuvenated and confident, you will be ready to tackle whatever is ahead.
  • Workout Recovery – Yoga classes are a great way to balance your routine and improve recovery from more intense workouts like Kickboxing or strength training.
  • Improved Flexibility –Yoga will elongate your muscles and open up tight areas leading to optimal joint and muscular health.
  • Core Strength & Balance - Strong muscles not only look good, they also protect us from conditions like arthritis and back & knee pain and more.
  • Relaxation & Mental Harmony - Yoga is very relaxing, which can lead to a variety of health benefits including decreased anxiety, stress, and depression.

If you live in the Atlanta area, sign up for a free class today and experience the results for yourself. Click here to book your free class now!



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